Generations Ahead

At the core of our ethos is a firm belief in human potential and the promise of a better future.

We forge lasting legacies by partnering with founders who are obsessed with redefining paradigms and building companies that will transcend generations.

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Our openness to diverse opportunities is finely tuned by a strategic investment framework that draws on pattern recognition from years of investing and exposure to venture deals.

Early Stage

Our sweet spot is seed-stage investing. We are post-launch investors who prefer to see early signs of product-market fit or market validation with levels of traction across industry-specific KPIs.

Sector Agnostic

While we do have preferred sectors based on areas of expertise, ultimately, our interests ebb and flow as startup ecosystems and technology naturally evolve and mature.

Optimized Growth

We seek founders adept at unlocking growth and mastering the art of efficient capital utilization.

Domain Expertise

We look for founders who have lived the problems they are solving. We believe it is fundamental for founders to build businesses in industries they inherently understand.

Global Potential

We back founders committed to building companies that transcend borders.

Tech-Driven Scalability

We focus on startups that effectively utilize technology as the primary tool to unlock scalable growth.


Investing across eras, from seed to scale, in markets that matter.


Total capital deployed in private investments


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Countries represented in our portfolio


Investments led

[All figures as of December 2023]
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Our distinction lies in a deeply rooted thesis that achieving true progress requires curiosity, collaboration, patience, and persistence. Our investment promises unwavering commitment and active support as we embark on a journey of exploration and discovery.

Evergreen Strategy

In a rapidly evolving market, our capital base enables the flexibility to focus on sustainable growth, supporting companies without the limitations or restrictions of a typical fund structure.

Coalition of Professionals

Our team of accomplished industry leaders combines a diverse array of backgrounds and specialties, boasting significant operating and investment track records.

Innately Transparent

All our relationships are firmly grounded in trust, authenticity, humility, and openness.

Accessible & Engaged

We employ a collaborative and highly interactive approach, working closely with portfolio companies to minimize risk, develop strategies, and seize opportunities. We are a natural extension of your team.

Fundamentally Patient

We challenge the conventional 5-7 year investment horizon of venture capital, recognizing that building generational companies requires a long-term view.

Rigorously Disciplined

We don’t pay attention to hype; we are inspired by unconventional thinking and guided by fundamentals.


A Coalition of Visionaries

Our cross-functional team of highly accomplished industry leaders combines a diverse array of backgrounds and specialties with significant operating and investment track records.

Ali Al-Husry


Said Darwazah


Omar J. Sati

Managing Partner

Aboudi Al-Qattan


Haya Al-Husry

Venture Partner: Web3

Issa Azar

Venture Partner: Energy Efficiency & ClimateTech

Vicky Sakhel

EA & Office Manager

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